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Why Does My Apple iPad Lightning Cable Keep Snapping?

10-June-2019 10:56
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by Admin

News has filtered around the world about Apple’s next instalment. As reported in the Metro, the company are apparently phasing out the lightning cable in favour of a USB-C connection. This more universal cable will offer more convenience for users with the latest models of the iPhone and iPad.

The newest model of the iPad range – the iPad Pro - came with this USB-C connection. Many believe this to be the case for the September release of the latest iPhone, too.

Until then, however, you will have to face those same old problems. Snapped wires, bent cables, snagged cable casing and loose connections are all typical issues with Apple’s iPad lightning cables, but why?

Why does my Apple iPad lightning cable keep breaking?

Our team at Gulex have been researching this area of the market for a number of years. We faced the same frustrations just like users have worldwide. We bemoaned the lack of quality from Apple’s out-of-the-box cables.

Lightning cables especially have been poor for users and led to many looking elsewhere for iPad lightning cables.

Fortunately, our online store at Gulex Digital is primed and ready for your investment in the best cable on the market. If you are finding your cable is snapping or breaking too quickly, our cable could be the answer.

It features a 6000-bend lifespan, strong fishnet braided cable and the ability to charge 1.5 times faster than normal cables. This, combined with its MFi certification from Apple, makes this the ideal choice.

Discover more about our exclusive, durable and reliable iPad lightning cable by getting in contact with us today.

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