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The Strongest Cable You Can Buy For Your iPhone And iPad

01-July-2019 10:59
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by Admin

Apple may have the most popular handset in the world, but it seems they provide us with cables that cannot withstand the ordinary use of our iPhones and iPads. We are guilty of sometimes shoving the cable in for charging or jamming the phone into a pocket while listening to music or treading on the cable accidentally, for the worse of the cable.

In any case, our durable lightning cables can put those worries and concerns to bed with their strong and Apple certified features. At Gulex Digital we want to become your leading destination for cables and chargers that will not encounter the same problems as the factory ones which accompany your phone.

Why choose our durable lightning cables from Gulex Digital?

  • Cable quality: The cable is made from a high-quality fishnet braid that can withstand day to day storage in pockets, bags and when wrapped around your phone without any problems.
  • Huge bend lifespan: We test our lighting cables to the limit to see when they start to break. Our durable lightning cable can withstand over 6000 bends without snapping or falling apart.
  • Faster charging times: Offering up to 2.4 amps, our lightning cable for Apple products will provide you with quicker charge times whether you’re plugging into your laptop or the mains.

Our durable lightning cables are perfect for all new types of Apple phone and tablet, supporting your iPhone and iPad when you lose, break or snap your cable.

While the future of the lightning cable lies in the balance – with USB-c potentially on the horizon, as reported by The Inquirer here – you will still need something to complement your daily usage without breaking.

Our lightning cables at Gulex Digital will provide you with assurances every step of the way throughout your iPhone’s lifetime.

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