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Why We Started Gulex: Behind The Best Cables On The Market

02-July-2019 10:59
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Today, Gulex provides some of the most innovative, durable, and affordable mobile phone accessories on the market - combining technology with design and practicality.

Before our success, we faced the same frustrations as our customers. The founder of Gulex grew irritated with having to replace his charging cables monthly, due to ripping and bending. Cables simply never lasted long enough. After spotting this gap in the market, our founder was determined to engineer an Apple-approved cable built to last.

Supplying the market with the ideal replacement charger solution

One main frustration Apple devices consumers have in this day and age is that simply charging cables doesn’t last long enough and it keeps breaking.

Are you, like we were, fed up with iPhone lightning cables that just keep breaking? Searching for a better solution you can count on?

Once we knew the truth about cheap cables, we made it our mission to find a better option that was still cost-effective. At first, we struggled to find it. We got more and more fed up with buying cheap cable after cheap cable, only to have them break after a short amount of time. We wanted to create something different - something we, and our customers, could be proud of.

Cables that do not replace but upgrade the standard Apple charger

So, we decided to create a strong, durable cable that’s one of a kind. However, the journey wasn’t easy. Our team had to work exceptionally hard to source the perfect material, while also taking care of the pressure points where most cables commonly break. The process took more than 16 months, but it was worth it.

Today, we sell one of the strongest cables available that’s also MFI-Certified. In other words, it’s an Apple-approved cable. Now, that’s something you’ll NEVER see on any old random cheap cable!

What makes our certified cable stand out?

Gulex has created an Apple lightning charger and sync cable that charges faster, lasts longer, and loves your devices.This cableoffers a wealth of benefits that no apple device-owner should be without. Our cable is stronger and more powerful than a standard cable you might be using currently.

Our team designed it with full knowledge of where common problems lie, and why cables break so fast. Because we knew what was wrong, we knew what to fix - delivering something that our customers can use and enjoy for years to come.

This cableis carefully designed, manufactured, and crafted from high-quality, durable materials our customers (and their devices) can count on. It’s more than just a device to our customers, which is why this is more than just business to us.

We care about you, your devices, and the need to stay charged in the digital age. We’re excited to help our customers stay connected, now and in the future, through exceptional quality you can always count on. 

Get in contact with us to discover more.

Our Mission

Gulex exists to create the most innovative, durable and cost effective mobile phone accessories that combine technology with design and practicality. And as an ethical business, contribute to the less privileged of our society.