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What Happens If You Use A Fake Charger

05-August-2019 15:26
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by Admin

Fake chargers are well known to provide poor performance and pose a risk to your phone’s battery, but they do not often harm.

A 19-year-old woman was rushed to the University of Michigan’s hospital after suffering from second-degree burns caused by a fake and generic charger for her iPhone.

What happens when you use a fake charger?

As reported by Alexandra Thompson in the Daily Mail Online, the charger was plugged into the socket and the electrical current touched her necklace. This transmitted throughout the necklace and onto her skin, leaving her with large marks and second-degree burns.

What is the general danger of using fake chargers?

While these are often isolated incidents, it doesn’t stop the severity of it, or the risk of more people being harmed by these chargers. In the article by the Daily Mail Online, it remarked:

“Two studies have investigated the safety of generic chargers versus those that are made by Apple.

One found that out of 64 generic chargers, 58 per cent failed the 'electrical strength test'. This ensures users can touch the cable or plug without suffering an electric shock.

In the second study, only three out of the 400 generic iPhone chargers tested passed the electric strength test, a 99 per cent failure rate.”

What to do if you have a fake charger?

Dispense of it safely. No more charging and no more thinking that it will happen to someone else. It could be you and it could be much more serious.

The next thing to do is to find a replacement that can offer you a range of reassurances. Our collection of MfI certified and Apple certified chargers at Gulex are perfect to offer safe and efficient charging wherever you are.

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