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Three Pieces Of Advice For Keeping Your iPhone Charger From Breaking

09-August-2019 12:26
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by Admin

It’s never fun to go searching for a new iPhone charger. Whether it’s the connector that has broken or the connection with the plug is fading, you will need to go and buy a new one.

Not only is it inconvenient, but it will leave you wondering what you can do to protect the next cable in the future.

How can I protect my iPhone cable?

To help you move forward and reduce the number of broken cables you have lying around, here are three ways to protect your iPhone cable:

  1. Invest in a tidy box: Every household has at least one big box of cables, but there are often only one or two you ever use. You could buy a neat tidy box to store your cable to ensure you don’t step or sit on it.
  2. Be gentle with them: It’s a simple solution, but just being aware of the general wear and tear can make a big difference. Not stuffing your charger in your bag or pockets and being wary when connecting your charger can help to lengthen their lifespan.
  3. Reinforce the cable: MacWorld UK suggest in their article on How To Fix A Broken iPhone Charger to strengthen the weak points of the cable: We've twisted gaffer tape around the top to reinforce ours, but you can buy cute plastic animals that do the same thing.”

Buy a stronger iPhone charger and cable online

Borne from these inadequacies in standard iPhone chargers, our team at Gulex have created the strong and durable cable that you need. Backed with braided cabling and supported with more resistant materials, you will notice the difference in longevity with our iPhone chargers.

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