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Do Counterfeit Lightning Cables Damage Your Phone Battery?

10-July-2019 15:56
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by Admin

Lightning cables and chargers and the damage they can cause

Battery charger fires do sometimes happen and if you have ever touched your battery mid-charge, you will understand why. Sometimes the heat can begin to cause issues, but have you ever wondered why?

The widespread problems with counterfeit lightning cables across the world market increases the chances of problems such as this with iPhones. They can also damage your phone battery and decrease its lifespan.

Don’t buy cheap, or you’ll buy often

From an article written in July 2017, MacWorld’s Lewis Painter explained why buying cheap and counterfeit iPhone cables is not a good idea.

“The first unit to become damaged is usually the charging chip found inside the Lightning port – without a functional charging port, you will be unable to charge your iOS device.  

“Even if the charging chip avoids damage, the surge has the potential to damage other internals, from the processor to the actual lithium-ion battery.”

Why is it important to choose an Apple certified charger or cable?

Counterfeit cables and chargers are often mass-produced to serve the global market, but this removes any sense of quality control. On top of this, you will not be receiving an MFi or Apple Certified product.

The battery life of your iPhone is important. It is often decried in the media, but by treating the battery and the charging port carefully, you can retain a solid charge for longer.

However, the price and quality of Apple’s factory lightning cables does still pose problems with breakdowns. That’s what inspired our team at Gulex.

That’s why all our products are CE certified to meet the highest health and safety requirements. This allows us to follow industry standards with every product we create. This is different from most cables available on the market which cannot stand up to these industry guidelines.

To discover more about our lightning cables and the strength and durability they possess, get in contact with us today.

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