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Why Are Apple Switching To USB-C Charging?

17-July-2019 11:44
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Apple, MFi certification and the search for convenience

Change is coming in Apple’s MFi programme. The important certification programme has added another couple of products to its armoury to support their customers around the world.

This comes as a leak suggested that the next iPhone will come equipped with USB-C charging rather than the Lightning connector. Further evidence from their latest products suggests that iPhone users will have to get used to the new connection.

Reported on the Apple Insider website, Apple are looking to provide certification for a range of new cables and adapters. The articles states, “The MFi authorization includes adapters that support PoE technology, meaning users can charge their iOS device directly through an Ethernet cable when an enabled connection is available.”

What does this change mean?

Lightning-To-USB-C and Lightning-to-Ethernet adapters are part of this addition to the MFi collection as they seek to support customers using lightning headphones with their Macs and Macbooks.

This also nods to the future change from lightning to USB-C for the latest iPhone. While the newest iPad was equipped with USB-C connection, it has not yet become universal across Apple’s products.

The inclusion of Lightning-to-USB-C on their MFi certified list will help with the transition from the upcoming iPhone with those who have the previous model.

Where to buy MFi certified cables and connectors?

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