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Why Is Buying Fake Apple Chargers Is More Than Just Bad For Your iPhone?

15-July-2019 0:00
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by Admin

In a previous article we decried the use of counterfeit Apple chargers and cables without MFi certification from Apple. The damage it can cause to your phone, the connector and the general safety hazard that fake goods possess already make it a poor choice for your device.

Caught red handed with fake Apple chargers and parts

To further confound these ideas, there was a case in the UK recently that saw a fraudster spared jail for his hand in distributing fake chargers and cables from China and Czech Republic. As reported in the Metro UK, Partek Trade Ltd were knowingly selling on counterfeit goods.

The article explains:

“He advertised the parts, which also included authentic items, on a website claiming they would work with products from Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG.

“An investigation into Sandhu’s business – which had a turnover of around £1.9m over a 30-month period – was launched in 2016 when a test purchase of a Samsung Galaxy digitizer screen and a mobile travel charger revealed they were fake.”

Don’t boost the spending power of fake goods manufacturers

The implication of buying a fake good – a charger, cable, part or any device – without understanding if it is certified by the manufacturer is a huge gamble and risk.

While the supply chain ends with you, it will almost certainly filter back into the hands of the criminals who first distributed the chargers.

Even though this man in the UK was selling them on, he was still liable for selling counterfeit goods. The rise in counterfeit chargers and cables in the UK market is steadier than that of Europe and Asia, but it still receives severe punishments for those found guilty.

Always choose Apple’s MFi certified products

Companies who produce replicas of Apple’s chargers for use on their devices have to apply for a certification. This special MFi certification is present throughout our products at Gulex Digital.

We are proud to house a range of high-quality, durable and reliable chargers and cables for data transfer, syncing and AUX connections.

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