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Why You Should Choose A Braided AUX Cable For Your Car

22-August-2019 11:18
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Plugging in your phone to the AUX cable in your car will be a liberating experience. Open up Spotify and get the tunes flowing for your journey – no matter how long or short it is.

The problem with many AUX cables is the length, strength and durability of them. They will often come across these problems too often and leave you listening to the radio more than you wish to.

Invest in a stronger cable which is perfect for your listening habits

As explained on Bustle, here’s what you should be looking for in your next AUX cable:

“The cord should also be durable and made with a tangle-free coating or braided nylon to prevent unnecessary fraying and hassle. It's also a good ideal to look for a cable that's a little longer than you initially think you need — especially if your aux cable will be for car use.”

Step forward the braided AUX cable

It is almost impossible to accidentally knot the braided cables. When it comes to packing away your standard cables, you will find that they tangle so easily.

This is annoying and will stop you and your passengers from being able to conveniently change the music.

Why choose Gulex?

We have braided AUX cables available online at Gulex that will provide you with high strength and durable cable that you can trust every time. They’re also long enough for people in the back to use.

To discover more about our braided AUX cables by getting in contact with us today.

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