Premium AUX Cable

Premium AUX Cable

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Premium AUX Cable
Premium AUX Cable

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Universal Compatibility

The Gulex Aux Cable is compatible with all smartphones including iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets, car stereos, portable speakers, and other 3.5mm jack devices. Plug and play - without compromise.

Toughness is Built-in

Are you tired of Aux cables that just keep breaking? It’s not uncommon for auxiliary cables to break sooner than you’d expect. That’s why we created a premium fishnet braided auxiliary cable with ultra-protective mesh to safeguard the pressure points that’re most likely to break. Our team designed it with full knowledge of where common problems lie, and why cables break so fast.

USB Type C


Bend Lifespan

Bend it all you want! Extra-strength fishnet cables last six time longer than a regular cable. We take care of the pressure points where a cable is likely to break, through the use of a protective mesh.

Extra Tough

Gulex cables are designed for maximum toughness and reliability: whether it’s the fishnet-braided outer layer or the TPE jacket and protective mesh. You can rest assured that a Gulex cable is the last cable you will ever need.

Amazing Sound

Gulex Aux cable’s connectors are 24K gold plated for optimal signal transmission with out any disturbance. This cable is design to provide a seamless experience while driving or at home. 

Our Impact

Imagine if everyone in the UK put a penny in a pot. We would have 64 million pennies. At Gulex we believe small steps can lead to a big impact and that’s the reason, we are passionate about changing the world through our small donations scheme. We share what we gain with those who are less privileged in our society. Gulex puts people before profit, donating 20p of every sale to approved and active charities in the UK.

USB Type C

Our Promise

We promise to deliver to you the most innovative and durable products at cost effective prices. From ordering to receiving, we want to make your experience easy and joyful so that you recommend our products to friends and family. At Gulex, we offer a 24-month warranty to ensure your peace of mind and our friendly and helpful customer support team are on hand to assist you at all times.

Our Mission

Gulex exists to create the most innovative, durable and cost effective mobile phone accessories that combine technology with design and practicality. And as an ethical business, contribute to the less privileged of our society.

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