Retail & Bulk Orders


Gulex is a professional durable and fast charging cable supplier. If you require strong iPhone charger cables, type C charge and sync cables, or any other our products for your business requirements, we can help.

Many businesses rely on smart devices to get their work done. Clients and revenue can be lost with just a small amount of downtime, so it is vital that every device used for your business can be charged as quickly and safely as possible.


Why Gulex?

Your business needs quality charging cables that will last. Gulex supplies cables that have been industry standards certified to ensure their safety. All our products come with a 24-month warranty for peace of mind.

Priority service for business customers

Same day dispatch – get your products when you need them

Engineered for strength

Our cables are constructed based on research to identify the weaknesses in standard cables.

Our customers are delighted

We currently work with many businesses across the country to fulfilling their mobile accessories requirements. Our customers find that our cables are virtually indestructible.

Dedicated Account Manager for Business customers

We provide our best service to business customers who need to order in bulk.

Credit Terms for Businesses

Corporate accounts can qualify for payment by invoice with appropriate credit terms with volume discounts available


Contact our team today by emailing support@gulex.co.uk or by using the contact us page on our website. A representative from our business team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our Mission

Gulex exists to create the most innovative, durable and cost effective mobile phone accessories that combine technology with design and practicality. And as an ethical business, contribute to the less privileged of our society.